Finance, accounting and…B2B marketing?

RoseRyan strives to help our clients thrive any way we can—not just in accounting and finance. In that spirit, let’s talk about modern marketing. The world of B2B marketing has radically changed over the last few years. The evolution from push to pull marketing has revolutionized the way companies communicate with customers, forcing us to rejuggle our budgets, retune our programs and prepare for a “brand” new world.

In the age of social media, new clients want to find us, rather than us finding them. So we’ve got to be relevant to their business and easily findable—here, there and everywhere. We can be that by providing our target clients with the kind of information they want in the formats they like.

Research is up

Today’s corporate buyers are researching more and learning more as they approach new companies for products or services. They make purchasing decisions based mostly on information they gather—and they are savvier than ever before about getting this data from various sources. Here’s where they go and how you can reach them.

  • The web. Eighty-one percent of buyers start by searching the Internet. Ensure your company is findable by optimizing your website with keywords that clients care about. You’ve also got to be out there making thousands of positive impressions—not only through your website and partner sites, but by being an active and vibrant part of the conversation in specific communities. This includes industry interest groups, official trade associations and social media sites that matter to your clients.
  • Peer referrals. Research has revealed that 59 percent of buyers engage with peers to get referrals and recommendations from those who have already purchased the products or services they seek. Which makes sense: no reason to reinvent the wheel, right? Case studies and testimonial quotes are related to peer recommendations, so use those and promote them.
  • The community. Nearly half (48 percent) of today’s buyers gain valuable information about services, quality, cost and resources by following industry conversations online. Forums and blogs are firmly here to stay, so post on those relevant to your industry—and ensure that the information communicated about your company is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Thought leaders. A big chunk (41 percent) of today’s buyers in search of the perfect product or service gain insights by reading thought leadership material. For example, some industry influencers can look into the mist and offer revealing insights about trends and incisive predictions of the future. Others deal in today’s world at a more practical level by rating and ranking key products or services. Both are well-followed and well-rewarded. Whitepapers are particularly popular with buyers as content that counts. Boost your company’s status by creating and publicizing material that highlights your unique knowledge and perspective.
  • Videos. Today’s busy executives frequently view videos—particularly client testimonials, case studies, product and service overviews, and the like. Recorded webinars are a favorite format, encapsulating a wealth of knowledge in one short hour. Research reveals that 75 percent of senior executives watch videos at credible business sites each week, and a high percentage of these (65 percent) then visit the vendor’s website. With video technology well within reach, it makes sense to use this medium to reach clients when you can.

RoseRyan continually rejiggers our own marketing programs to take advantage of these trends so we can best share our cool content with you in the formats that you, hopefully, like the most. Because in the end, it really is all about our clients.

Interested in learning more? Check out this fun and informative video from the Earnest Agency, Vital Statistics for B2B Marketers 2.

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