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The Importance of Having a Growth Strategy

With a bright future ahead of your emerging growth company, you can’t risk winging it. Making an uninformed leap into a new territory or adding a new product line without knowing whether there’s demand for it is setting up the company for trouble. As you explore ways to steer your company toward greatness, here’s why […]

What Accounting Services Can Be Outsourced?

Should your company outsource accounting? As companies expand and the need for cost efficiencies rise, it’s a common question. An emerging growth company will look for accounting outsourcing companies that can set up its finance function and provide CFO-level guidance, while a more established company’s need for outsourcing accounting work is more likely to center […]


The Core Principles Of Good Corporate Governance

Corporate governance principles determine how your company conducts itself—and how it’s viewed by outsiders. Investors and potential acquirers can tell a lot about a company based on whether it follows corporate governance principles, either formally or informally, or ignores them. Here are some core principles of good corporate governance and best practice recommendations as you […]


Business Exit Strategy: Why Your Company Should Be Ready Today (Even If You Don’t Think So)

By Pat Voll Many, many companies are making big moves. And they’re keeping our finance consulting firm busy—we’ve recently helped a number of clients as they’ve headed toward the IPO market: foreign companies wanting to list on the U.S. exchanges, as well as domestic companies looking to capture higher valuations on their own or getting […]

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What Is a Business Consultant and What Do They Do?

Is your company making the right moves? No matter what your role is at your company—whether you’re an entrepreneur in the second year of running a startup, or a CFO looking for efficiencies in the finance organization—there’s a frequent need to get a fresh, outside perspective. By leaning on the expertise of a business consultant […]

What Are the Types of Corporate Governance?

Companies need order and structure. No one would dispute that—getting to an orderly place, however, often requires constant refinement as a company rapidly grows, hires more employees, builds out its organizations, and takes on bigger challenges, such as pursuing an initial public offering. This is where different types of corporate governance can help the company […]


How to Complete Your Financial Health Assessment

A financial health assessment is an impactful way to understand where your company stands. Does your company have a solid financial and operational foundation for a positive growth trajectory? Are outdated or inadequate finance and accounting systems and processes preventing you from seeing the complete financial picture of the company? An objective assessment provides a […]

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SOX Compliance: Top Considerations for This Year’s Risk Assessment

This past year, perhaps like no other, has likely brought tremendous changes to your company -and those changes will bring up new considerations in your Sarbanes-Oxley risk assessment. Shifts in strategic plans, impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, and new ways of working by your finance team (completely paper-less, fully remotely) could require some updates in […]