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Super Bowl 50: A kickoff to remember

We had a fantastic year in 2015 and were looking for ways to thank our loyal clients and partners. Super Bowl 50 coming to town provided the spectacular backdrop to bring us all together (even if our beloved 49ers didn’t make it to the big game!). A week before the Super Bowl, RoseRyan hosted a […]

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On the road to IPO? 6 obstacles to avoid at all costs

All eyes are on you when your company goes IPO. Everyone, it seems, wants to know the company’s every move—its past results, its risks, its future projections. Working at a newly public company can make employees feel like they’re in a giant fish bowl with everyone swimming around and crashing into each other. Unless, that […]

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Can you handle the IPO tsunami?

Executives who take on an IPO ride a long and sometimes unpredictable wave from start to finish. There’s all the debate over whether going public is part of the company’s grand plan, when to make the move, how the business will be valued, and then—the part that most people overlook—the arduous journey after the Wall […]

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By embracing data analytics, CFOs can keep their status as strategists

CFOs’ résumés are getting longer and more complex. Naturally they are the stewards of the company’s finances and the operator of the treasury, financial planning and analysis, accounting and tax functions. Now, they are also embracing being strategists and catalysts. This is according to Kathy Ryan, CEO and CFO of RoseRyan, and Myles Suer, senior […]