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COVID-19 Pandemic and Getting Through It: Resources and Ideas for Startups Seeking SBA Loans

Venture-backed startups are used to running at a fast pace as they seek out growth opportunities and work toward making a foothold in the marketplace. But in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace is more frantic than normal—and full of uncertainty. Some startups are experiencing sudden drops in revenue, making tough calls about […]

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Time for a Checkup: How COVID-19 Can Affect Your Financial Statements

Secondary to the toll the coronavirus pandemic is having on people’s health and lives around the globe is its impact on companies. It’s forced companies to adapt quickly to shifts in supply, production and distribution, customer demand and workforce logistics while trying to plan for what’s next in the wake of uncertainty. On top of […]

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What Financial Restatements Are All About: Get Through the Process with These Insights

Since financial restatements are pretty rare, your first inclination when faced with one could be panic. It’s an understandable reaction when restatements are often associated with occurrences of fraud (Enron’s and WorldCom’s infamous restatements come to mind). But not all restatements are caused by an unscrupulous executive’s desire to meet earnings expectations, increase stock prices […]

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Coronavirus and Office Shutdowns: How to Cope With Suddenly Becoming a Remote Worker

We find ourselves in unprecedented times, with a quickly spreading virus causing drastic changes in our routine lives—from empty toilet paper shelves at the grocery store to entire workforces being asked to work from home. Working away from the office takes some getting used to if it’s new to you, and for managers, leading an […]

How CFOs Play a Key Role for Growing Startups

The CFO role continues to expand, particularly at fast-growing, VC-funded startups. These companies lean on the broadening position to scale their operations and bring a data-fueled, strategic view to the business. No longer centered around accounting matters as the years-ago CFO was, today’s CFO responsibilities have grown from oversight of the finance function to frequently […]

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Improving Your Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Program: Make 2020 the Year

Complying with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is always a complex and evolving process. It doesn’t matter whether your company has issued audited financial statements and management’s attestation of internal control effectiveness for many years or only recently embarked on the road to going public. Building and maintaining capabilities to comply with this law is a constant […]

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Beyond Financial Risks: Tapping the True Strategic Value of Internal Audit

How well do you know your business? Companies with a robust internal audit function have a strategic asset at their disposal, with access to perspectives about emerging risks and opportunities to help management make well-informed decisions. Today’s version of the internal audit function can be anticipatory by nature. It can, among other things, shed light […]

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5 Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Year-End Close Process

It’s getting to be that time of year again—heading into the holiday season and looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, while trying to stay sane with all the frenzy that comes with the territory. There is the push and pull between personal obligations and the need to wrap things up and make sure […]