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The Challenges and Benefits of Developing a Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Program

Without a doubt one of the most major milestones in a company’s growth journey is going public. That ringing of the opening bell (either literally or figuratively) for your IPO leads to another milestone the company will…

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5 SOX Compliance Tips for Early Stage Startups

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has come an incredibly long way since the corporate governance law was passed nearly two decades ago. That doesn’t mean startups are in a hurry to become SOX compliant. Still, for a high-growth …

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How To Build A Successful Emerging Growth Company

Getting a small business or startup past the two-year mark is just one of many promising milestones. So many young companies fail early, so passing certain goalposts can be gratifying to the owners and entrepreneurs of an …

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Identifying, Documenting and Assessing SOX Controls

No one can claim that SOX 404 compliance and developing a SOX controls compliance program is easy. We can say, however, that the overall process has become much easier after years of practice and an evolving understanding…

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Avoid These Common Lease Accounting Errors

Some companies received a major gift wrapped up in uncertainty when the Financial Accounting Standards Board delayed the effective date for the lease accounting standard last year. Now, private companies that have not yet …

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