Manufacturing Finance Support

Fully grasp the manufacturing costs underlying your business. Silicon Valley’s lost art of cost accounting is alive and well with RoseRyan’s finance pros.


  • Partner with experts who really understand manufacturing financial issues
  • Complete design and implementation of a new cost-accounting structure
  • Set up operational controls around purchasing and maintaining inventory
  • Tap interim resources to perform cost-accounting efforts until an employee is hired


  • Robust manufacturing business metrics for better decision making
  • Increased productivity and gross margins, and improved efficiencies
  • True understanding of profitability and financial impact by product line
  • Solid information for price negotiations
  • Full-service cost-accounting expertise

Pain Points:

  • Manufacturing operations are a large piece of important business and financial metrics—but few understand it
  • Understanding a manufacturer’s key drivers became a lost art in Silicon Valley as manufacturing dwindled in the U.S., and relevant finance talent became scarce
  • To grasp how products are performing, management needs to know the margins for each product line in order to make better decisions
  • Manufacturers are losing out on better prices for supply and visibility into profitability

A new cost accounting structure can lead to higher gross margins and a deeper understanding of business drivers.

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