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Thrilled by challenging assignments at fast-moving companies, our consultants are never truly alone. They always have supportive expert colleagues they can turn to anytime.

RoseRyan gurus get the independence of consulting combined with the trusty paycheck, benefits package and professional support that come with working for an established firm. The job includes flexible hours, generous benefits, quality projects, a collaborative environment and a guarantee you’ll never be asked to work those miserable 70-hour weeks.

This is an ideal career path if you’re a seasoned pro looking for work-life balance, a straight-shooter yearning to escape soul-numbing office politics, a working parent or anyone else who’s spent years mastering the intricacies of finance and accounting and wants diverse and challenging assignments.

Current opportunities

We’re looking for a versatile controller with deep technical expertise, the ability to manage multiple complex projects and staff with minimal supervision and excellent initiative. Exposure to larger companies and experience in both public and private companies are essential; consulting and senior management experiences are big pluses.

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We’re looking for a strong communicator who can take the initiative, structure their own projects and manage time effectively. Sound like you?

You should also have great problem-solving skills and a good knowledge of the operations areas that intersect with finance. Your reward: challenging work that will allow you to demonstrate and hone your skills. Projects range from medium complexity to more advanced, and you may be called upon to provide recommendations to client management.

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We are looking for consultants with a broad background in revenue recognition. Knowledge of every element is not expected, but ideally candidates will have multiple areas of exposure. Opportunities can range from part time to full time, and assignments will vary in duration. Consulting with RoseRyan means being a part of a collaborative group of seasoned professionals. Our consultants enjoy challenging, independent projects and take pride in being a strategic business advisor and helping to ensure the success of our clients.

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Know your way around GAAP like a master chef knows their kitchen? We’ve got the job for you!

We’re looking for a versatile pro with deep technical accounting expertise and a practical perspective—someone who can navigate the gray areas of accounting, understand and appreciate the operational challenges faced by companies in keeping with the constantly changing accounting landscape, and create practical solutions.

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Sheila Manzano on what makes RoseRyan’s culture so special and the 4 core values that anchor the firm.

Salena Oppus speaks to the variety of assignments at RoseRyan and the ability to learn and grow at each.

“It’s satisfying to help clients. I get to tackle complex challenges without dealing with corporate politics.”

“I’m not stuck doing just one thing — I can try things I’ve never done before.”

“RoseRyan has stability and the commitment to keeping a sustainable and happy workforce.”
“RoseRyan is unique. I can participate in the firm and make a difference. I’m not a cog in a machine.”

Our Culture and Values

Great firms are fueled by the values they live by. At RoseRyan, a shared sense of purpose and defined set of values unite us, serving as the cornerstones of our success. Here are the four RoseRyan values that guide the special culture we have developed.


We embrace open and honest communications, and always tell the full story. We meet our commitments and do what’s right.


We aspire to achieve exceptional performance in our work with a positive attitude at all times. In fact, we like to go above and beyond to surprise and delight our clients, colleagues and partners.


We are advocates for RoseRyan and our clients wherever we go. We keep our clients’ best interests top of mind. We embed ourselves within our clients’ world, whether we are leading the team or temporarily helping out the team. We actively propose solutions when we see problems.


A strong sense of teamwork underlies all that we do. We are helpful, friendly, respectful and accountable. No big egos here. We always have each other to turn to, for questions and guidance, even when we’re working on our own.

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