Welcome to the Big Leagues

Your needs, no matter how complex, are our call to action. We offer the support to cover the essentials of doing business at this level. Be it strategic, restructuring, divestitures, spin-offs, acquisitions, and more.

The challenge:

  • One moment the business is sailing along, the next it’s up against a crisis
  • Taking on a one-time transaction, like a spinoff or divestiture, requires expertise the company doesn’t possess on its own
  • The finance team must conquer mountains of reporting, compliance and regulatory needs
  • It falls on the team to right the ship when it’s time to shift strategy under a restatement or regulatory mandate
  • No matter how proactive your planning is, sometimes you need some extra help

What expanding businesses need:

  • Assistance with SEC reporting, corporate governance, financial modeling and more
  • A close look at revenue accounting, stock comp plans and other tricky spots
  • Experts who can augment staff skills or simply pick up the extra load
  • Trusted advisors can help in a pinch if a reorganization or restatement is imminent
  • Sharp analysis and insights for keeping the company afloat and sailing forward

The special value RoseRyan brings:

  • Interim finance options mean you won’t lose traction from a speed bump
  • We bring best practices wherever we go—save time with tried-and-true processes, tools and templates
  • Our collective experience can be mined to navigate tough choices
  • Experts with finely-honed skills calm the chaos or jump in to fill a gap
  • Pros who go above and beyond provide quality work—and meet tight timelines

“Things were moving so quickly that we needed people who could really hit the ground running. And that’s exactly what we got with RoseRyan.”

Getting real on revenue recognition implementations

Diana Gilbert, who heads up our Technical Accounting Group, walks you through lessons learned from working with companies that have adopted the new standard.

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