To turn it into a Masterpiece, you’ll need all the right elements – expertly brought together – from the start.

RoseRyan will help you turn a promising concept into a pièce de résistance, so you can savor the rewards of your investment.

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To turn a promising concept into a world-class company, a startup needs strong essentials in place from the beginning: the right people, information, systems and processes to allow for successful long-term evolution and growth.

An ultimately outstanding venture is underpinned by an exceptional recipe, executed with masterly finesse, using superlative ingredients, expertly combined, employing appropriate tools.

What makes the difference between good and great in the startup space?

Strong Financial management, Accounting best practices and compelling Marketing solutions to inform your Emerging Growth strategy.

RoseRyan – On Demand Emerging Growth Finance and Accounting Solutions for Investors

Award-winning Silicon Valley-based RoseRyan’s outsourced leadership and consulting experts and tailored on demand professional services out of Silicon Valley help solve early stage and evolving companies’ Finance and Accounting challenges so they can take their businesses to the next level.

Since 1993 we’ve helped position, launch and scale some of the most successful businesses and brands in the world.

We’ve served brands and businesses across a range of sectors and multiple industries worldwide — including tech and life sciences, eCommerce, mobile, social media — and many companies stay with us through every stage of their journey.

Our deeply experienced, innovative on demand Financial, Accounting and Marketing management consulting and advisory services resources will jump in to meet your pressing needs, bringing targeted levels of expertise at the right time, to suit your company’s requirements and appetite.

We provide our clients with a full complement of flexible, bespoke outsourced Finance & Accounting, and Marketing solutions so they can power their businesses towards profitable growth, and lasting success.

From outsourced, on demand, fractional, to interim, to project work — or long-term — resources, our seasoned, multi-talented professionals will bridge any skills gaps, and integrate seamlessly with your team — to offer the data, knowledge, creativity and reinforcement your organization requires to achieve its aspirations.

Since RoseRyan was founded, we’ve been offering transformative, reliable guidance to a multitude of early stage, high-growth and maturing companies in the Bay Area and beyond, nationally and internationally.

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We offer personalized, innovative outsourced, on demand and full-stack Finance & Accounting and Marketing solutions, services and scalable support at every stage of a company’s growth: from startup to Fortune 500.

Emerging Growth

For startups on a roll, a full stack CFO solution keeps the momentum going. If growth is a priority for your VC-backed company, meeting milestones is a must.

Interim Finance

Life happens. Meaning the situation on your team can change overnight, and when it does RoseRyan has specialized, mission critical talent at the ready.

Corporate Governance

At a certain stage you will need to lay the foundations that insure compliance. Our team can help public companies set up the mechanisms and processes.

Strategic Projects

The road to growth can take some unexpected detours. There may be audits to be done, some pre-transaction consulting, even SEC reporting.

Some of the ways we can help power your startup investment’s success

We help early stage companies achieve growth goals and address skills and talent gaps by providing:

  • Reliable information and data
  • Best practices in Finance & Accounting, and Marketing
  • Strategic business planning
  • Best-in-class software / tech stacks
  • Budgeting and reporting expertise
  • Fundraising advice
  • Compelling pitch materials and outreach campaigns
  • Relevant, differentiated market and product positioning
  • Impactful brand building and awareness
  • Cost effective Finance & Accounting and Marketing strategy and execution

Our Rapid Assessment Tool

The RoseRyan Rapid Business Assessment is an interactive, specialized tool that quickly assesses 16 components of the financial health of your business. With two hours of finance dialogue with us, we’ll fill out our finance questionnaire together, and you’ll see how you score. We review it with you, and you receive an insightful report on areas of your finances and operations that could be having a direct effect on your company’s growth goals.

Get the answers. Find out what’s ailing your company’s growth and what you’re doing right. The Rapid Business Assessment offers a fresh, objective perspective on gaps and how your business can best prepare for growth. You’ll identify the critical finance and operational issues and risks that could be slowing down or endangering the company.

Get in touch to set up a complimentary discovery call with a RoseRyan guru to discuss your needs today!

The Rapid Assessment for Emerging Growth offers a fresh, objective perspective on gaps and how your startup can best prepare for growth. You’ll identify the critical Finance and operational issues and risks that could be slowing down or endangering the company.

Get the answers. Find out what’s ailing your company’s growth and what you’re doing right.

If you’d like to talk about your startup investment’s current challenges and how we could partner with you to ease them, we’d be happy to hear from you.


Kathy Ryan

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Our Leaders, Advisors and Consultants

We bridge talent gaps and fill staffing needs at any growth stage with our versatile best-in-class outsourced, on demand professional services expertise: fractional, interim, project, or long-term – providing agile, smart growth solutions: when needed, within budget.

RoseRyan’s deeply experienced leaders, consultants and advisors bring their collective intelligence, creative thinking and broad operational experience to every client. Our adaptable on demand advisors and doers will help your organization meet changing market conditions and demands, no matter where in the business life cycle – or what the size – the company is.

How can we help you transform your company’s performance and accelerate your early stage company’s progress towards success? Let’s talk.

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