Quick guide to revenue recognition

This quick guide from the experts at RoseRyan and helps you plan your move to the new rules. Talk about uncertainty. It’s been a constant ever since the day standard-setters committed to revamping how companies account for revenue to the day they revealed their newly approved rule in May of 2014. Companies have been unsure how the details would shake out and unsure how to move forward. This report clears the air, by giving companies reasons to get going on their new revenue recognition strategy and shows the path forward of what to do first.

This report provides companies with an action plan, including details on:

  • Who should be involved in strategizing and implementing the changes (hint: it goes far beyond the finance team)
  • What areas of the company could be affected
  • Questions the company should be asking now to understand how revenue is earned and how processes could be improved
  • The opportunities and challenges that come with the new rule (there are many positives!)
  • Technology and systems changes to consider

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