The IPO journey: 6 potential obstacles to avoid

Watch out for potholes! Several obstacles lie in wait when senior leaders of a pre-IPO company underestimate the extensive work involved and the amount of time it takes to transition to a successful publicly traded company. For one thing, many senior leaders do not realize that going public is a much different story than actually “being” a public company. The frenzied IPO transaction time is just one short stage in a long journey, one that usually shakes up a company’s culture, puts a strain on resources and brings in a whole new level of scrutiny.

In this insightful paper, RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan reveals 6 commonly overlooked areas that can trip up leaders of fast-moving companies as they travel on their IPO journey. She provides:

  • Top-level, must-ask questions before getting on the IPO train
  • A prep list for avoiding missteps
  • A reality check on the need to get the troops ready for the changes ahead
  • The hard truth behind the “IPO hangover”
  • Reasons why companies can actually manage their share price (even though few think they can)

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