We are proud to announce that Sheila Manzano is the recipient of this year’s TrEAT Award. Now in its third year, the TrEAT Award honors a guru who best exemplifies our values (Trustworthy, Excel, Advocate and Team) throughout the year.

TrEAT Award recipients are chosen by the leadership team based on nominations from the entire staff. This year there were 28 nominees, and the team says making the final choice is one of the hardest decisions they make all year. The honoree may be singled out for contributions so over the top that we are stunned, or for quietly and consistently putting our values into action in small ways every day.

Sheila falls into both camps. She is amazing on a regular basis, in her work with clients and with colleagues, and puts her best foot forward in everyday actions. Sheila has calmed the waters of more than one client storm this year, and we are sure that she preserved the sanity of at least one frazzled project lead. She is unfailingly cheerful (and never, ever complains, at least to us), and she is always offering to provide extra help—she clocked more overtime than any of us this year.

Sheila not only delivers first-rate work for clients as a key member of our SOX team, but also serves as RoseRyan’s controller and administers our health benefits—for anyone else, that could be a full-time job in itself. She is tireless in her support for internal projects, too, such as a long-term strategic initiative and the Values Team. Sometimes, we’re not sure how she keeps her own sanity. 

Congratulations, Sheila, and thank you for living our values every day all year long.

A year has rolled by and it’s TrEAT time again. TrEAT—an acronym of Trustworthy, Excel, Advocate and Team—is our much-coveted internal award, created to recognize one RoseRyan consultant whose work and approach throughout the year has exemplified our values. TrEAT nominations are accepted from RoseRyan gurus throughout the year. 

Even in a group of colleagues as close-knit as ours, this year’s honoree Michelle Perez stands out for her commitment to the team. Take the time, for example, when a fellow consultant had to leave a client assignment early to go on maternity leave (those darned kids; they never stick to the schedule). Everyone else was busy on other engagements and Michelle herself was about to go on vacation. But when she heard about the client’s predicament, she canceled her vacation and swooped in to save the day.

A founding member of our Values Team, Michelle walks her talk. She is generous with her time and ideas, and boldly tackles projects that are out of her wheelhouse—like giving the inaugural “Tips from the Trenches” presentation to the whole team at a company meeting. Well done, Michelle, and congratulations! Thank you for living RoseRyan values every day.

All year we’ve been collecting nominations for our first-ever TrEAT Award, designed to honor the RoseRyan consultant who best represents our values of trustworthy, excel, advocate and team throughout the year, with clients and with colleagues, in ways big and small.

Lisa Thomas, this year’s TrEAT honoree, embodies so many of these qualities we considered giving her the award in duplicate. Lisa excels at her work and gamely ventures outside her comfort zone to learn new skills and tackle stretch assignments. A team member-and-a-half, she forges the same strong, collegial relationships with clients that she builds inside RoseRyan, where she is a frequent instigator of social activities.

Lisa pitches in for more than the fun stuff. She never shies away from the harder work of culture-building, for example, honest communication about difficult issues. It takes courage to speak up and ask the tough questions, and Lisa has both the moxie and the finesse to do it. Congrats, Lisa, and thank you for living our values every day.