Interim Finance

Add a layer of financial leadership or bring in some expertise for a one-time need. RoseRyan interim finance pros get up to speed fast.

Turn to us when you need to:

  • Bridge a talent gap for a leave of absence, unexpected turnover, change in structure
  • Add a new layer of leadership following significant growth, higher level of operations
  • Bring in expertise for a particular finance challenge, when hiring staff isn’t an option or employees need help over a significant hurdle

With interim finance, companies can:

  • Raise the bar of the finance function with a top-notch interim CFO or controller
  • Access niche skills—we have revenue gurus, SOX experts and accounting aces
  • Fill out the holes in the team with an FP&A expert, technical accountants or SEC reporting specialist
  • Scale the finance department to meet business needs cost effectively

Our interim aces’ broad experience means they often see a better (faster, easier, more effective) way of doing things. When they do, they’ll let you know—and implement it too.

Whether you’re a small, midsize or Fortune 500 company, whether you’re public or private, we’ve got you covered. Call us when you need to fill these roles to help you take your company further, faster:

  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Technical accountant
  • Revenue accountant
  • SEC financial reporting specialist
  • Cost accounting specialist
  • SOX expert (project management, documentation or testing)
  • FP&A expert
  • Program or project manager
  • Senior financial analyst

“RoseRyan keeps sending me great people—I don’t have to go out and find them. And I love that if we ever need additional help or highly specialized expertise, they can reach into RoseRyan and get the right resource.”

The chaos chronicles

This report tells tales of chaos—how it happens, what results from it, how to fix it, and how to prevent it.

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