Sarbanes-Oxley Rapid Assessment

Uncover the strengths and weakness of your existing Sarbanes-Oxley Program with a rapid assessment. This online survey tool reveals where you are strong and what might be missing.

What’s the state of your SOX Program? Do you think everything is in excellent shape? If you’re wondering, it is time to take our online survey to reveal how you score.  If you are new to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance or your company hasn’t kept up with regulations and best practices, the risk of having a material misstatement in your financial statements could be high.  Give your SOX program a “checkup” with our rapid assessment.  Get started today by answering an online questionnaire  (36 questions)  about the major dimensions of your SOX compliance program.

We then score your results and present you with a “scorecard” and a report. Know what you’re doing right and what can improve.

Learn how you score on these dimensions of your SOX program:

  • Risks associated with recent organizational changes
  • Focusing on the right controls for your company
  • Alignment with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Consistent execution and effective communication

Know where your SOX program is strong and weak. Our tool provides an independent assessment of your SOX program and provides you with a helpful report along with insights and recommendations from a SOX expert who will also be available to review the findings with you, to dig into the insights.

Stop wondering, and take the rapid assessment now.

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