Internal Audit

Broaden the view. Compliance pros look beyond financial risks to assess the most significant operational and compliance risks facing the organization and develop a multiyear internal audit plan.

Pain Points:

  • Many companies don’t have an in-house internal audit function
  • Resource constraints and lack of internal expertise put them at a disadvantage
  • The lack of internal bandwidth means they’re missing out on a strategic internal
    audit plan
  • Companies have blinders on if they take a too-narrow view of their risks
  • They’re out of touch with how to properly manage and monitor the most critical risks


  • Identify big risks, including regulatory changes and cybersecurity issues
  • Verify the company is looking at its most critical risks
  • Help the company set top priorities over the next several years
  • Develop a long-term plan for mitigating risks across the enterprise
  • Establish tools that continuously watch out for fraudulent or questionable activity


  • Effective management of critical operational, fraud and reputational risks, such as IT
    security and IP protection, at a feasible cost
  • Major risks are identified, prioritized, and potential impacts are minimized
  • Contract compliance throughout the supply chain and distribution channel
  • Integrity of programs and controls built for compliance of laws and regulations
  • Skilled resources at your fingertips or strategic direction at the right moments

Outsource your internal audit function or have specialized experts develop and carry out your strategy.

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