Revenue Accounting Solutions

Reach out to revenue accounting aces to hold down the fort, streamline your process, make sure you’re doing it right and help others in the company get on board.

Pain Points:

  • Revenue receives a ton of attention (and scrutiny) by stakeholders and auditors
  • Reporting revenue is a nuanced job that requires a specialized skill set to do it right
  • Revenue accounting experts are hard to find, and companies struggle to make sense of it
  • Accountants, salespeople, executives all talk about revenue differently—but shouldn’t
  • Fast-moving companies lack the resources and talent for keeping up with growth


  • Lean on finance pros to manage revenue accounting on an interim basis
  • Evaluate current revenue policies and practices for compliance with GAAP
  • Take the effort beyond the finance team and seek to get finance and sales on the same page
  • Greatly improve workflow by identifying and fixing bottlenecks, gaps and inefficiencies
  • Assess the team’s skills and raise them to match the company’s expanding complexity


  • Proper revenue recognition policies and procedures in place
  • Improved workflow—finance no longer viewed as holding up the works
  • Stakeholders outside of finance finally “get” revenue
  • Audit-ready documentation that minimizes questions
  • A clear path for keeping up with rev rec as the business grows

“With that knowledge and experience, RoseRyan provides us with a unique perspective my time-strapped team now relies on. With RoseRyan, I get on-demand expertise, with the ability to lean on a savvy finance pro who truly knows his stuff and our business.”

Nancy BushCFO, Anomali

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A fast-growing high tech company wanting to ace its first audit had hired outside help with revenue recognition, but the accounting treatment raised some big questions.

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