Rapid Assessment for Emerging Growth

A Rapid Assessment Finds Your Finance Trouble Spots

Find out if your financial foundation is preventing your startup from advancing. The RoseRyan Rapid Assessment for Emerging Growth is an interactive, specialized tool that quickly assesses 16 components of the financial health of your startup. With two hours of finance dialogue with us, we’ll fill out our finance questionnaire together, and you’ll see how you score. We review it with you, and you receive an insightful report on areas of your finances and operations that could be having a direct effect on your company’s growth goals.

Get the answers. Find out what’s ailing your company’s growth and what you’re doing right. The Rapid Assessment for Emerging Growth offers a fresh, objective perspective on gaps and how your startup can best prepare for growth. You’ll identify the critical finance and operational issues and risks that could be slowing down or endangering the company.

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“Able to see the big picture yet impeccable with all the details—that’s what you want from an outsourced accounting team and that’s what we got from RoseRyan. The RoseRyan team put us on the right track by setting us up with a solid infrastructure and an efficient workflow to accommodate our growth.”

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