Power up your technology company with great finance. Our finance solutions meet technology companies’ needs at every stage of growth, whether you’re going through initial setup, a growth spurt, merger, IPO, compliance change or technical accounting issue.

Savvy finance guides you forward, so you can take on your next product launch, gain your billionth member or your kazillionth click. We jump right in to become a part of the team at a variety of tech companies, from those focused on hardware, software, SaaS and mobility innovations to the ones involved in all things internet, including social media, search, ecommerce and everything in between! Smooth-running finance takes you further, faster.

Here’s how we power you forward:


For emerging growth businesses, we get your financial framework in place with just-what-you-need part-time CFO and accounting team support. Our Technical Accounting Group handles the most complex queries about accounting rules, revenue recognition, equity compensation and more.


Companies growing at high velocity need help managing growth with CFO and Controller solutions. A seasoned pro is by your side every step of the way.


When you’re rapidly expanding via IPO or it’s merger and acquisition time, we help you prep for the big transaction, and guide you through the tough transition afterward to adjust to your new world.


If it’s time to reinvent the business, we can help. Evolving isn’t easy peasy. Mature enterprises might need an interim executive to bridge a gap or some extra savvy pros to get through a growth spurt. If you need to restate your financials after an ugly mess, we can do that, too. And our Transition Solutions offers a special team to get you through divestiture madness.

We have financial solutions for every stage of growth, no matter where you are on the business lifecycle. We excel at the tough stuff.

“With that knowledge and experience, RoseRyan provides us with a unique perspective my time-strapped team now relies on. With RoseRyan, I get on-demand expertise, with the ability to lean on a savvy finance pro who truly knows his stuff and our business.”

“The top-shelf expertise and adaptability that RoseRyan brings to the table is extremely valuable—they see the big picture and know how to best support us.”

“RoseRyan provided valuable SEC reporting insights throughout our IPO process. As a result, we were able to keep to our filing schedule and received minimal SEC comments.”

Growing from bootstrap startup to big time player

Acing complex rev rec for a growing tech company

Supporting NatureBox through skyrocketing growth

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