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For startups looking to overcome finance challenges as they grow, RoseRyan can design a finance team that will help you set up systems and processes that fit your unique business needs — including savvy CFO or Controller expertise to determine strategic priorities.

Pain Points:

  • Reliable, accurate financial reporting is essential for smart decision-making
  • Companies lacking accurate financials lose credibility with investors, inquisitive buyers
  • They could be operating on unsound assumptions and wasting money at every step
  • Uncertain financials can be traced back to weak or nonexistent internal controls
  • Your valuation has a lot to do with the reliability of your financial statements


  • Strategize on the best internal controls for your size and growth stage
  • Design controls around your riskiest areas of misstatement
  • Implement controls that follow best practices and reduce risk and errors
  • Ensure financial reporting is accurate and reliable
  • Always be ready for opportunities—don’t miss out because of questionable information


  • Peace of mind that your financial house is in order
  • Readiness for big deals or transactions—when the time is right
  • Higher valuation potential from bulletproof financials
  • A reputation for integrity and credibility with investors, lenders and other stakeholders
  • Value gets built in to the core of the business, from your trustworthy financial structure

“Able to see the big picture yet impeccable with all the details—that’s what you want from an outsourced accounting team and that’s what we got from RoseRyan. The RoseRyan team put us on the right track by setting us up with a solid infrastructure and an efficient workflow to accommodate our growth.”

Anil D. Jha Founder and former CEO, HydroNovation

Blueprint for growth: building a smart finance infrastructure

Learn the 7 pillars of setting up a powerful finance framework to get your small business rolling.

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