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How to amp up your year-end disclosures for the revenue accounting changes ahead

It’s always healthy to take a fresh look at your disclosures and discussions in your annual reports. Situations change, boilerplate language doesn’t always cut it, and changes in accounting policies make it a necessity. This year, more than ever, several drivers make such a review a can’t-miss effort. A number of new accounting standards are […]

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Get ready: FASB is dumping some big items on your to-do list

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has a bunch of resolutions that affect many companies. The board is offloading some of their weightier projects that have taken up a lot of time (several years!) on their docket. Fortunately, they are giving financial statement preparers a lot of time to come to terms with the changes ahead, […]

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How the new revenue recognition standard may affect your company

We’ve been hearing about it for years. Finally, the result of the joint project between the FASB and the IASB to update and consolidate accounting standards for revenue recognition into one global standard is just about here. They’re expected to issue it by the end of this month. This is when the fun begins. While […]

Need some sanity? Try managing your monkeys

How do you manage your monkeys? I ask that question often—of myself, my peers, my clients, my volunteer colleagues and even my 23-year-old niece. “Manage your monkeys” is my most frequently offered piece of advice, and it has been my mantra for almost 20 years. The seed was planted in my brain when I taught […]