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Governance Tips: Planning Out a Roadmap to a Startup’s Board of Directors

Setting up a board of directors with independent directors takes a startup to another level—a level that will assure prospective investors of your young company’s commitment to its future, backed by accountability and oversight. The board can also provide financial discipline, strategic guidance, and fill in skills and expertise gaps to take the company further […]

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Dealing with the SEC’s Tight Timeframe for Complying With the New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules

Publicly traded companies will soon be subject to new disclosure requirements around how they manage their cybersecurity risk and strategy, and they’ll have a short window of time to disclose any material cybersecurity incidents that strike. Companies need to figure out now how they will comply with the new Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure requirements, […]

Data overload? Take these 6 steps to sort through the noise

“We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.” ~ E. O. Wilson According to the most recently projected (ca. 2020) Statista estimates*, the world will see […]

Can your team see through you? Become transparent now: a “How To” Guide

In a 2022 global survey of the Most Transparent Countries*, participants rated the 78 nations assessed according to several measures, including transparent business and government practices, well-distributed political power, and trust and corruption. Finland was ranked first — not surprising for a country with an annual practice of radical civic transparency, when on November 1st […]

The secret to finding good help? You need to stop looking (in the usual ways)!

Like many organizations nowadays, your business might be having trouble finding the right people to be able to thrive and grow: recruiting—and retaining—high-quality talent in today’s labor market is challenging. According to a recent comprehensive HR trends study by Gartner*, almost half of HR leaders surveyed reported that recruiting is a top priority for their […]


Data Protection Best Practices for Accounting

Keeping data safe is a key responsibility for everyone within a company—but perhaps especially in the financial organization, which deals with a company’s most sensitive data. Financial information in the wrong hands can, of course, financially harm a company and hurt its reputation. Data security in accounting is a regular, ongoing concern with risks that […]

The Different Types of Audit Support Services Available

Potentially messy and often time-consuming, any type of audit can be a distraction to the core finance and accounting team. Outsourced audit support services experts make the experience less onerous and less stressful, while preparing the company for the audit and being there throughout the entire process, as needed. By bringing in expertise they do […]


Corporate Governance Best Practices for Startups

Startup corporate governance is not at the very top of every company’s priority list, and it’s understandable why: Developing the product, establishing a new brand, hiring employees, gaining traction in the marketplace often take precedence over establishing the innerworkings of the company—even though doing so can lead to improved efficiencies and minimize the risk of […]