It’s a Whole New World

RoseRyan can get you through the complex, transformational transactions involved in the M&A or IPO process. It’s more than just accounting and finance. We can help you with due diligence, purchase price accounting, integration, and more, to solidify your expanding position in the market. If you’re poised for an IPO, we offer S-1 support, SEC reporting, and the sophisticated compliance requirements your company will need to meet.

The challenge:

  • Companies heading toward an M&A deal or IPO are squeezed for talent and time
  • Specialized skills are needed for compliance, as it prepares for investor, SEC scrutiny
  • Whatever the transaction, the finance team takes on the brunt of the workload
  • It’s all about the valuation—companies need to tidy up their financial house
  • Seasoned pros with transactional experience can navigate the major changes ahead

What businesses at this stage need:

  • Planning for the big event and the transition to the next stage of growth
  • For pre-IPO companies, a process for producing timely, accurate financial reports
  • When joining forces with another company, expertise for the tricky integration matters
  • Input from experts who will pass along valuable lessons learned from similar situations
  • A mix of technical skills and strategic thinking to get the work done right

The special value RoseRyan brings:

  • As hands-on specialists, we’re nimble and quick—a must when so much is on the line
  • Save time with best practices – tried-and-true processes, tools and templates
  • We’ve seen and done it all—we know what needs to happen
  • A relentless focus on quality—we love to go above and beyond
  • Experts with finely-honed finance skills calm the chaos or jump in to fill a gap

“RoseRyan was brought in to provide transitional leadership, accounting, finance and operational support, to address the needs of the divested company for up to 18 months. We quickly organized a high-performance, specialized team of 13 finance pros dedicated to this important endeavor.”

Dave RobersonVP, RoseRyan

“RoseRyan provided valuable SEC reporting insights throughout our IPO process. As a result, we were able to keep to our filing schedule and received minimal SEC comments.”

James D. FayVP & CFO, NeoPhotonics Corp

The IPO journey: 6 potential obstacles to avoid for a smooth trip

6 commonly overlooked areas that can trip up leaders of fast-moving companies as they travel on their IPO journey.

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