Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

You can finally design a SOX program that’s cost-effective and matches your company’s evolving risks and your auditors’ changing expectations.

Pain Points:

  • Over time, controls have become cumbersome and bloated at many companies
  • SOX is often viewed solely as a compliance exercise that’s costly and time-consuming
  • The truth is SOX done right—and efficiently—can uncover real value (and reduce bloat)
  • Auditor expectations change yearly, making compliance feel like a guessing game
  • Teams don’t have the time or talent to review whether controls align with business needs


  • Make sure controls cover the risks that matter, and remove redundant controls
  • Strengthen fraud prevention and detection by assessing risks and closing gaps
  • Use technology to streamline compliance efforts, reducing administrative time and costs
  • Know auditors’ focus areas and understand the best ways to meet their expectations
  • Lean on SOX experts who can position your company for a stronger valuation and credible financials


  • Efficiency in designing and testing of internal controls over financial reporting
  • Risk of material misstatement goes way down with properly designed controls
  • A right-sized controls set—no bloat and nothing missing—that addresses current risks
  • Fewer surprises at audit time and an overall smoother (and timelier) audit process
  • Advocates of your SOX program who will handle tough auditor queries

“RoseRyan goes far beyond the compliance exercise of SOX to consider the greater effects on the team and the company. They’re so collaborative and always ask questions to truly understand a situation before taking action.”

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