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The road to growth can take some unexpected detours. There may be audits to be done, some pre-transaction consulting, even SEC reporting. When this happens, team up with RoseRyan and together we’ll take on whatever complex, specialized, original strategic or financial issues you may encounter along the way.

Audit Support:

Audits are so much easier when you have the right planning and preparation in place. Our dream team assists with planning, expertly prepares financial statements, completes schedules and interfaces with auditors. Mission accomplished.

  • Complete your audit with up-front planning and project management
  • Trim down your time spent on audits—you’ve got bigger things to do
  • Minimize delays—audits run smoothly when you’re prepared

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Revenue Recognition Solutions:

Recognizing revenue is hard work—the new rules add a whole new layer of complexity when resources and skills are tight. We can get you through it.

  • Pounce on strategic business opportunities after our rev rec assessment
  • Nail down templates and methodologies for a smoother rev rec process
  • Gain a clear understanding of what’s needed for ongoing compliance

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Technical Accounting Solutions:

We take on the tough stuff. Rely on our technical accounting aces when you’re facing a new deal, an accounting change or a tricky transaction that tests your in-house skills.

  • Tap the brain trust of our Technical Accounting Group
  • Know that your company is applying the right accounting rules for its situation
  • Lean on experts who will be your advocate with auditors

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IPO Readiness:

Avoid the mishaps that trip up many IPOs. Turn to finance pros who will guide the way, with a clear roadmap and all the essentials for a successful, valuable offering.

  • Ready the company for the big moment and any bumps along the way
  • Prepare for new scrutiny by producing timely, reliable financial information
  • Set a clear roadmap that includes potential detours if inquisitive acquirers come by

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Mergers & Acquisitions:

Grab hold as you go through the wild ride of an M&A deal, from the sweat-inducing due diligence process, encroaching tight deadlines and the integration process as two companies become one. We get you through it.

  • Develop a due diligence process that asks all the right questions and ensures the right records are in place
  • Ease the strain on resources and expand the expertise needed to complete the deal successfully
  • Devise an integration roadmap that includes key milestones and clear communication along every step

Transition Solutions

Whether shedding a business, absorbing a divested entity or moving a business, you may need services (typically addressed in a Transition Service Agreement, or TSA) that fill the gap between when the business unit can stand on its own or be fully integrated.

  • Rely on a team of seasoned finance pros who will strategize with you to fully grasp the deal structure and goals, and integration challenges
  • Apply flexible approaches that limit impact to people and processes on both sides of the TSA
  • Accelerate deal closing and achieve quick value creation with minimal disruptions

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Financial Statement Restatements

Remediating financial reporting issues can be a complex process. Don’t underestimate the work involved. This is a good time to lean on experts who have taken companies through this before.

  • Expert project management to resolve issues quickly
  • Take the burden off internal teams so they can focus on ongoing business
  • Troubleshoot underlying reason for the error and implement fixes

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Systems Review:

Productivity and accuracy zoom upward when you have modern systems that keep pace with growth. Find out what your company needs now, with room to grow.

  • Enable timely and accurate reporting, with a team that can focus on what matters
  • Zero in on the right system that addresses the company’s current and future needs
  • Base decisions on real-time information—it’s possible when you have a true single view

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“RoseRyan provided valuable SEC reporting insights throughout our IPO process. As a result, we were able to keep to our filing schedule and received minimal SEC comments.”

James D. FayVP & CFO, NeoPhotonics Corp

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