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Whether shedding a business, absorbing a newly divested entity or physically moving your business, there is a likely need for transition services. Typically addressed in a Transition Service Agreement (TSA), these services fill the gap between when the business unit can stand on its own or be fully integrated. Rely on finance pros who can strategize with you to understand integration challenges and deploy a team exclusively focused on operationalizing the value of the deal.

Pain Points:

  • Absence of operational experience slows deal closings and hampers smooth execution
  • An under-resourced or less experienced transition team will negatively impact integration success
  • Lack of centralized administrative services for each acquired company in a rollup situation or an inability to handle administrative services (finance, HR, IT, etc.) for a sold business
  • Without awareness of the capabilities and processes needed to support a deal, sellers face uncertainty on the scope and cost of services they’ll have to provide
  • A pressing need for a dedicated, multidisciplinary finance team to navigate dynamic needs of buyer and seller


  • A dedicated, third-party team of seasoned pros who excel at solving operational problems in difficult environments across multiple industries
  • Mission of this seasoned team is solely focused on the transition’s success
  • Thorough due diligence on the seller’s capabilities and processes, and the scope of TSA services
  • Expert involvement in the deal process when needed, from both specialists and generalists who fully understand integration challenges and the deal structure, goals and timelines
  • A disciplined approach using proven business methodologies while adhering to contractual guidelines and processes of buyers and sellers


  • Quick value creation with minimal disruptions to buyer and seller
  • Accelerated deal closing and reduced risk by working with an experienced team solely focused on the TSA
  • Clear understanding of the resources and cost needed for implementation
  • Flexible approaches that limit impact to people, processes and technologies on both sides of the deal
  • High-quality results as team motivation aligns to both buyer’s and seller’s needs

“RoseRyan managed to assemble a top-notch team in a short period and was prepared to begin the TSA accounting services right on schedule. They worked well with the Symantec team to minimize the impact on their work while providing a high level of service to DigiCert. We could not have carried out this TSA without them.”

When choosing an outside team to provide transitional support, look for highly experienced finance pros who know what’s required and will move quickly to get the job done.

Streamlining a Symantec divestiture with an ace finance transition team

RoseRyan provided leadership and built the dedicated and deeply experienced team

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