What do a post-earthquake rescue and a RoseRyan gig have in common?

Recently I was thinking about an event my son participated in called the Tech Challenge, a design competition hosted by the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The children were a part of a team that had to meet the challenge of rescuing someone from a bridge broken during an earthquake. It’s a fabulous event, and the atmosphere reminds me of a room full of entrepreneurs and inventors bursting at the seams displaying their ideas and products.

My role: provide pizza and soft drinks and a place to for the kids to work. (Aha….I think I can manage that!) In many ways what we did to facilitate our children’s team activity was similar in spirit to how we at RoseRyan help our clients.

We may provide a specific skill, like project management or budget and planning analysis, that the client team lacks. We give expert advice, as I have done helping a client translate needs into requirements for a systems implementation. We might simply help get the day-to-day job done. Or we might mediate a situation where there are opposing views, helping people understand the options. Oftentimes the most important thing we do is get the right people in the room to speak to one another, listen and make decisions—together, we figure out how to proceed. (Just like my son’s team did, using the tools that included a net and a Nerf gun.)

When all is said and done, we don’t work with our clients so that we are successful, we work so that our clients are successful. Their success is our greatest reward. We build relationships and even friendships with fabulous people who care about their business and are striving to do things better and smarter.

In the end, my son’s team rescued the bridge survivor with one perfect shot from a Nerf gun and a fabulous net catch. Did they live up to the spirit of the challenge? I answer with a resounding yes!

RoseRyan really does have this team spirit too—we go beyond the numbers and become a part of our clients’ team to meet their challenges together.

To get a taste of how we work with our clients, check out some of our project profiles.

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