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Small businesses targeted by phishing scams are more likely to get bitten

Cyber scammers have upped their game. The emails they send out to trick people into turning over confidential info (like usernames and account numbers) look more legit than ever. And the messages have become more sophisticated and more targeted, making busy professionals especially vulnerable. But here’s the thing: Everyone seems to think they wouldn’t fall […]

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Year-end checklist for finance teams—10 ways to end the year right

The exciting month of December offers a paradox to finance teams. They’re in retrospective mode while also planning for the year ahead. And they’re super busy while hoping to use up any leftover vacation days before the year ends. Our finance dream team powers through it with some smart planning, to-do lists and the occasional […]

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4 companies make the right moves along the business lifecycle

Every company is at a different stage along the business lifecycle. Some companies have just started out, some are surging forward, some are growing organically and others are fighting against fierce competition. Where is your company along the lifecycle? It’s important to know so that you can be ready to take on the challenges and […]