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Avoid These Common Lease Accounting Errors

Some companies received a major gift wrapped up in uncertainty when the Financial Accounting Standards Board delayed the effective date for the lease accounting standard last year. Now, private companies that have not yet implemented ASC 842 have until January 2022 to adopt the mammoth standard. Considering that time keeps slipping away, you won’t want […]

Implementing ASC 842 Lease Accounting

Photo by Alice Pasqual on Unsplash Companies have had over five years to process the new lease accounting standard, ASC 842, since the Financial Accounting Standards Board issued it in 2016. Public companies have implemented ASC 842, but for some private companies, the effective date has still not come to pass. With the deadline finally […]


Corporate Governance Structure

When a fast-growing company seeks outsourced accounting and finance help to bring order to the chaos, they are often in an envious position: They are growing so fast that they have not had a chance, or the resources, to establish the order and corporate governance structure necessary for ensuring the reliability of their financial statements, […]

The Importance of Having a Growth Strategy

With a bright future ahead of your emerging growth company, you can’t risk winging it. Making an uninformed leap into a new territory or adding a new product line without knowing whether there’s demand for it is setting up the company for trouble. As you explore ways to steer your company toward greatness, here’s why […]

What Accounting Services Can Be Outsourced?

Should your company outsource accounting? As companies expand and the need for cost efficiencies rise, it’s a common question. An emerging growth company will look for accounting outsourcing companies that can set up its finance function and provide CFO-level guidance, while a more established company’s need for outsourcing accounting work is more likely to center […]


The Core Principles Of Good Corporate Governance

Corporate governance principles determine how your company conducts itself—and how it’s viewed by outsiders. Investors and potential acquirers can tell a lot about a company based on whether it follows corporate governance principles, either formally or informally, or ignores them. Here are some core principles of good corporate governance and best practice recommendations as you […]


Business Exit Strategy: Why Your Company Should Be Ready Today (Even If You Don’t Think So)

By Pat Voll Many, many companies are making big moves. And they’re keeping our finance consulting firm busy—we’ve recently helped a number of clients as they’ve headed toward the IPO market: foreign companies wanting to list on the U.S. exchanges, as well as domestic companies looking to capture higher valuations on their own or getting […]