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Jazzed for the year ahead: CEO reflects on why

When times are good in the Bay Area as they have been generally over the past year, there’s energy in the air. We feel it when we’re working with our clients, and we are feeling it within RoseRyan as well. We are proud to share some notable achievements in recent months. We ended 2015 blowing […]

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The 4 stages of the business lifecycle and how to recognize what you need next

Many companies tend to follow similar patterns as they adapt and change over time. The trajectory is known as the business lifecycle, and we’ve identified four particular stages that companies typically move through from beginning to maturity. Knowing where a company lies along the lifecycle is critical for truly understanding its current and future finance […]


The 5 key traits of trusted advisors

One of the greatest compliments is when clients consider us a trusted advisor. Recently, some encouraging words came from a client that was just getting used to a new accounting method. After working with this startup for months on an assignment, our consultant made them aware of an approach that would give them a more […]

2014 will be a busy year for finance teams

It’s New Year’s Eve—as so many people do, I’ve taken the time to reflect on 2013 and look ahead to the next year. 2014 should be a good year—the economy is improving, a lot of bigger companies are preparing for growth once again, and things are going really well for early-stage companies. But it’s definitely […]

New York Times’ flextime article is heartening

It was heartening to see the January 8 New York Times article, “Flex Time Flourishes in Accounting Industry.” Work/life balance in the finance field is at the core of RoseRyan: When I co-founded the firm in 1993, I was looking to get off the 60- to 65-hour-a-week treadmill myself (which ironically didn’t happen for me […]

Two days, 18 business plans and the winner is…

The week before last I participated as a judge for the finalists in this year’s 2010 Cleantech Open national competition. At first, the daunting task of reading 18 business plans (20+ pages each) in less than one week had me asking myself “Why I am doing this?” But once I started to delve into the plans, […]

Flextime helps drive success

I read Alix Stuart’s article “The Perils of Flextime” in the July/August issue of CFO Magazine and want to share my perspective. As the co-founder of a talent-centered accounting and finance consulting firm, I have a different take on some of the issues raised. It’s certainly true that in 1993 women faced the mommy track […]