It was heartening to see the January 8 New York Times article, “Flex Time Flourishes in Accounting Industry.” Work/life balance in the finance field is at the core of RoseRyan: When I co-founded the firm in 1993, I was looking to get off the 60- to 65-hour-a-week treadmill myself (which ironically didn’t happen for me personally, but it’s a main feature of the firm for our gurus). We truly “walk the talk” on this issue. We instituted flextime in 1996 and at last count 35 percent of our workforce was taking advantage of it.

I’m certain that’s why are able to attract and retain top-shelf finance talent. Generally speaking, we find that seasoned professionals seek sustainable work weeks, and they see this gift of time as a remarkable perk. (I also wrote on this very topic in a different post in response to a recent article in CFO Magazine that lamented the perils of flextime for CFOs.)