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Startup Finance Has a New Advantage: A Full Stack CFO Team

Every VC-funded startup craves efficiency. They need to push forward as quickly as possible, and they need to get their finance and accounting up and running, too. Growth is the ultimate quest, and complexity builds up fast. The goal is to establish a smart finance foundation easily and efficiently, and sometimes that means outsourcing strategic […]

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Sarbanes-Oxley Success: The Missing Piece Could Be Effective Communication

What you really don’t want in the midst of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance is any kind of sudden surprise. Getting caught off-guard in the middle of a compliance effort can slow things down considerably and create rifts within the company. The audit committee chair suddenly finding out about a material weakness in internal controls that should have […]

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The Business Lifecycle: Know the Journey So You Can Plan Ahead

What do you see in the road ahead in 2019? Does it appear more uncertain than sure? Is it paved with growth opportunities or a pullback? For companies large and small, the path forward can take awhile to become clear. At RoseRyan, we observe that the business lifecycle has four stages: Companies start up, grow […]

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Judging the Cleantech Open—These Startups May Change the World

The Cleantech Open (CTO) continues to pump out companies with aspirations to change the world, and many of them are from our area. I was fortunate to be a part of the effort earlier this year, as a judge for the western regional finals in Oakland. The winners—Apeiron Technology, Sepion Technologies and South 8 Technologies—are […]