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It’s a Whole New World: What CFOs of Newly PE-Backed Companies Should Know

Congratulations are in order for the CFO when private equity funding comes in—but the celebration will have to be kept short. There’s a lot of work to be done, and your role will expand seemingly overnight to help lead…

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Why Private Equity Firms Need an Ace Team to Carry Out a Complex Transition Services Agreement

Here’s a common issue facing private equity firms today: How do you keep a newly divested business running and ready to become a part of something bigger than itself or stand on its own? This is not something that can ha…

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Deal flow in the PE market continues to move—here’s why

What’s hot in the deal world at the moment? The fintech sector continues to generate steam and so is another industry, the wine business. Private equity investors’ interest in turnarounds has diminished somewhat, and t…

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Private equity having a bang-up year: recap of the Western M&A/Private Equity Forum

Optimism wasn’t on the official agenda of the Daily Journal’s recent Western M&A/Private Equity Forum, but it was definitely a common theme throughout the event. Major legal players in the PE industry gathered at t…

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Going dark: What it means and why it might be a smart move for your company

What happens if your public company decides to “go dark”? If you are in the military or in covert operations of some sort, this slang term means you have ceased all forms of communication—probably to save your life. …

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Finance’s role in unlocking value for private equity portfolio companies

When private equity firms choose their investments, they see promising potential. The entity that becomes their portfolio company may have hit a roadblock and is in need of a transformation. An entirely new strategy could …

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