We are excited to share the news that Jackie Bray has received the 2014 TrEAT Award, a coveted recognition within RoseRyan. She is the fourth annual recipient of this award, which honors a guru who has best exemplified our firm’s values (Trustworthy, Excel, Advocate and Team) throughout the year.

The RoseRyan management had the tough task of deciding who out of 40 nominees made the biggest standout contribution in 2014. “Being able to juggle various deadlines and clients while always being responsive and keeping cool under pressure is a real art,” says RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan. “Jackie does this with reliability and grace.”

Because of the stiff competition, Jackie, who specializes in general accounting, was surprised to hear her name called at the RoseRyan holiday party when the winner was announced. “It was a nice feeling—it was humbling — that the nomination can come from anyone at the company, not just a manager,” she says. “That makes it special for me.”

When deciding whether to join RoseRyan in 2013, she was won over by the firm’s values, which the firm’s managers and consultants not only talk about but truly follow. They matched her own, and she knew RoseRyan would be a good fit.

A sweet TrEAT
The RoseRyan TrEAT award was established to acknowledge the importance of the our cornerstone values as the foundation of our business, and honor the individual who exemplifies those values. It is the highest honor we can award an individual. This year, we awarded Jackie with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind bowl. It’s perfect for displaying some treats or for admiring as is.

Jackie fulfills the trustworthy criteria by always meeting her deadlines and deliverables, even when (inevitably) something unpredictable creeps up or hot issues hit more than one client at once. She excels by meeting her performance metrics and being willing to go beyond her comfort zone to expand her skills. And she is an advocate for the firm by providing valuable feedback and recommendations to the RoseRyan client management group.

And last but not least, Jackie is a strong team player for her ability to build good relationships with clients and her colleagues as well as for the fact that she can be consistently relied upon to provide excellent work.

Indeed, Jackie manages a four-client workload with finesse, and she has the full force of the collective intelligence of RoseRyan’s seasoned pros at her fingertips. If a client has an unusual question, Jackie knows she can get the answer—she just needs to turn to her colleagues to see who has encountered a similar situation (since our dream team members have been on a wide range of assignments, usually several chime in to help).

RoseRyan has given her access to a diverse and flexible workload with the support of knowledgeable colleagues she can turn to anytime. “When one of us is with a client, we are never alone,” Jackie says. “You truly do have a whole team behind you.”

Congratulations to Jackie Bray!