Of course, M&A never really went away, but other than the occasional blockbuster deal, there was definitely a lull in activity over the past few years. But here at RoseRyan we’re seeing a decided upturn in M&A activity, and that’s why we wanted to create Make a Match Made in Heaven, a RoseRyan guide to some of the more prevalent issues on both sides of transactions and tips on how to deal with them.

Our clients have been players on both sides of the table—some of our larger clients are in acquisition mode and several of our small-to-medium-size clients have been acquired. While helping clients negotiate the M&A process, I’ve discovered that a number of issues arise in almost all deals. Many times these issues are rooted in a common cause: the acquirer and the target company do not always understand what the other party wants or needs from the transaction.

You can download the guide directly here or from the Intelligence page of the RoseRyan website.