CFOs at high-growth companies are in a whirlwind. Everything around them is moving fast and the pressure is on to keep the positive figures moving upward and get a hold of the huge amounts of data the company is taking in every day. Unlike the CFOs of yesteryear, they’re not just stewards of their company’s finances but strategic players who have a direct say on how the company will move forward.

The smart ones, the ones who will be successful, will take a moment amid the crazy times to take a breath and figure out how can they live up to the expectations and responsibilities they have taken on. And here’s what they’ll remember: the key to their success are the people behind them. It’s easy to overlook this point when the company is barreling forward with new hires, shifts in strategies and expanding complexities. With a strong finance team that’s empowered by the trust of their superior, the CFO and the company as a whole are poised to make quick decisions that can ensure they stay on the high-growth track.

In a new intelligence report, A guide for high-growth CFOs, RoseRyan hits upon this challenge head-on with an emphasis on developing a hyper-efficient finance team. This involves shaking off silos and encouraging openness and collaboration between finance employees and the rest of the company. The CFO is in a position to cross any divide and push for any changes in technologies or processes to both empower the finance crew and give them access to real-time data to make real-time decisions.

The concept of entrusting employees of various levels in a mid-sized or large organization to make decisions based on their assessments of real-time data is relatively new. In this report, RoseRyan dream team member Jason Barker explains why it’s now possible and crucial for any company that wants to maintain its high-growth status. Download A guide for high growth CFOs to learn more.