RoseRyan has two new gurus to introduce: Cedric Armstrong and Sharon Knestrick.

Cedric is an IT compliance specialist who likes nothing better than to assess systems for risk and develop policies and procedures for IT security and computer operations; he’s also got SOX IT down. He has abbreviations like CISA, CISSP, CTGA and CFE following his name, so you’d think he’d be, well, geeky. He isn’t. Cedric has lived in eight countries, and he was with EY, then Deloitte, before he became a consultant some years back.

Sharon’s background is in accounting manager and controller roles at emerging growth companies, so she’s been instrumental in helping businesses get off the ground, she thrives on change and she understands how everything works together. She also has a strong systems background, so she can tackle just about any software known to accounting. The Financial Literacy Project for teenagers sponsored by the American Society of Women Accountants in San Francisco is near to her heart.