Here’s a tip about growth (we have many up our sleeves): The smartest strategy ever won’t work if the company’s employees are unclear about the execution plan and don’t hum as a team.

At some companies, particularly those bound to crash and burn, senior management and employees operate on divergent paths, not completely understanding one another or what’s going on. They’re muddled by a disconnected culture.

More than 20 years in this business, we’re experiencing the opposite at RoseRyan, united by a defined culture that’s earning its fair share of accolades. We are enormously pleased to have received a spate of fabulous honors that recognize our awesome, distinctive culture, our mix of talented people and our innovative spirit. Wahoo!


Recognized as a high-trust, high-performing workplace

RoseRyan has recently received a new national distinction—we’ve been certified as a Great Place to Work® based on anonymous surveys by our employees. The folks behind the Great Place to Work certification come up with the annual Fortune “100 Best Companies to Work For®” list every year.

Employees rated us highly for management credibility and integrity, high levels of respect and a warm sense of camaraderie, and they are proud to say they work for RoseRyan. They also feel extra effort and great work are recognized.


Scored a spot on the “Top 100 Workplace” list for the second year

The Bay Area News Group has once again included us on their Top 100 Workplaces list. The list is based solely on what our folks say about our leadership, direction and execution.

Our consultants raved in particular about how they know our strategy, understand how we get things done efficiently and how senior managers have a grip on what is really happening at our firm. We have a long-term strategy in place, and everyone is well informed. We’re forthcoming about our plans and keep our employees informed through regular all hands meetings, virtual chats and casual get-togethers.


Founder Kathy Ryan noted as an innovator

RoseRyan founder and CEO Kathy Ryan received honorable mention for’s Innovative Practitioners 2016 Award thanks to our in-house developed software application that manages our scheduling, timesheets, skill sets and more behind the scenes. This award recognizes innovations in process, services or technology implementation in accounting firms. Our Dream Team System (DTS) has been spearheaded by Matt Lentzner, who heads our IT efforts.


RoseRyan tops equity list for women

For the second year in a row, we ranked high on a national equity leadership list for the accounting sector. Each year the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance and American Women’s Society of CPAs recognize firms with high proportions of women partners and principals in the accounting field. Our executive team is composed entirely of women: Kathy and vice presidents Maureen Ryan and Pat Voll—a rarity in the industry.


Why our culture sets us apart

Since she founded the firm in 1993, Kathy’s mission has been to gather a diverse and really smart, talented group of finance aces who provide outstanding work every time. We hire people based on experience, brains and how well they align with our values. Our emphasis on diversity and working with amazing people are both aspects of our culture.

Grounded by four core values (to be Trustworthy, to Excel, to Advocate, and to be a great Team player), RoseRyan’s winning culture is something that is reinforced and nurtured over the years by a special internal team creating special programs. It doesn’t “just happen” but is the culmination of lots of internally orchestrated effort. Our values are our center of gravity, how we get things done, and how we interact with each other and clients. It’s teamwork and open communications all the way.

Our culture is also one of the main reasons we’re able to attract and keep top people in this time of a war for talent. They like a place that is exceptionally friendly, flexible to their needs on employment arrangements, and is supportive and teamwork oriented. Not many companies are truly this way. It’s quite a feat to create this kind of company in today’s hypercompetitive world.

Like what you see here? If you think you’d fit right in with the RoseRyan culture and you have the right stuff, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for top talent—full-time and part-time. Contact Michelle Hickam at [email protected].

For more about our winning culture, read all about how it developed, in a recent Accounting Today column by RoseRyan Vice President Pat Voll.