Here at RoseRyan, we have 20 years of experience building business relationships in Silicon Valley. Throughout that time, attracting and retaining long-term clients has been one of our most consistent themes. How do we do it? Here are the basic building blocks of our approach.

Think long-term. We expect to have long-term relationships with our clients. If you think long-term and share your insights, clients will keep coming back because of the value that we deliver over time. Clients are often pleasantly surprised that we have their best interests in mind and don’t jump at short-term opportunities that we believe won’t benefit them in the long run. For example, many times we advise clients that hiring a full-time worker will be more effective than working with us, or that we should be brought in later.

Do the right thing. We once had a client who insisted that a particular consultant work with them or we wouldn’t get the project—one of the most high-profile IPOs of the last five years. That would have enhanced RoseRyan’s profile greatly and started a long-term relationship, but we politely declined because our consultant was already working with another client. It was a tough decision, but we did the right thing—and now, two years later, we are working with the client as a public company.

Strive for a win-win relationship. RoseRyan values all of our business relationships and strives to ensure that both we and our clients benefit from working together. Of course, we ensure that our consultants understand what is expected of them from start to finish of every assignment—and that we meet all of our clients’ expectations. We go beyond that, too. We want both companies to benefit through referrals for additional business, sharing best practices and intellectual property, and honest and open communications.

Keep adding value. Although clients are usually wowed by our ability to meet key deliverables, we consider adding value throughout a relationship to be equally important. One of the ways we keep adding value is by providing technical accounting updates on a regular basis. Our clients are busy with their day-to-day activities and have little time to keep up with all the latest accounting changes. Our technical updates (usually delivered around a pizza lunch) provide just the helping hand our busy clients need.

Deliver great quality. A large part of our business comes from current or previous clients. We consider their decision to keep working with us some of the best feedback we can get about whether we are meeting and exceeding their expectations. Many clients also tell us they appreciate that we are experienced, we listen, and we are flexible in our approach. This positive service delivery experience is the cornerstone of what we do, and provides the consistency and efficiency that clients love about RoseRyan.