What does ‘success’ mean to you? Your definition of accomplishment is likely a bit different from that of the 41 people who currently hold the Guinness world record* – set at the Toyota Center Krasnoyarsk Zapad in Russia on May 16, 2015 – for fitting the most people in a car, a Toyota Rav 4. (Granted, the category was for a ‘large car’.)

But what you – and your organization – may have in common with these enthusiastic record seekers is the desire to achieve challenging goals in the most efficient, effective and well-prepared way possible.

Seeking accelerated growth? Pursuing improved engagement and alignment? Looking to materialize those synergies mentioned before the acquisition? It’s the Fourth Quarter – time to solidify the impact for this year and align for achievements in the new year.

With frequent internal and external limitations often threatening to restrict and derail our aims, many of us are looking to realize ambitions more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Alignment and organizing for success is key to achieving company goals near term and long term.

We at RoseRyan, a ZRG Company, have 30 years of experience in providing tailored ‘as and when’ solutions in the Accounting and Finance space. Now, using our collective intelligence and Silicon Valley savvy in collaboration with another ZRG firm, Brimstone, we’re offering no cost Organizing for Success Rapid Assessments.

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