Any business faces challenges great and small, day in and day out, but some situations carry a considerable measure of risk, volatility and disruption potential. The top five situations most likely to disrupt a business and cause significant risk are market instability, business transitions, funding uncertainty, changes in corporate strategy, and finance talent shortfalls, according to our new intelligence report, The Chaos Chronicles.

After 20 years in business, RoseRyan gurus have lived through pretty much every kind of chaotic business situation, steering companies around the fault lines or cleaning up the mess. Our report draws on those experiences with real-world stories and on-the-ground advice to help you cope when chaos strikes.

By chaos, we mean hair-on-fire scrambling to prevent looming business disaster, or slow-motion disintegration into operational dysfunction, or the disarray that results when finance departments held together with duct tape and staples finally come undone, or similarly ulcer-inducing scenes.

Prevention is usually the best cure, but it isn’t always possible. And it can happen to anyone—even the best and the brightest have found themselves caught up in chaos simply because they didn’t train their attention on the right risk factors.

Download The Chaos Chronicles to learn more. Authors Stephen Ambler, Chris Kondo, Kathy Ryan, Ray Solari and Pat Voll tell true tales of chaos—how it happens, what results from it, how to fix it and how to prevent it.