RoseRyan’s nearly 20 years of helping Silicon Valley companies have shown us a thing or two about what it takes to make it here. We didn’t want to keep all that insight to ourselves, so we’ve compiled some of our best observations and advice in our new report, Strategic Finance in Action: How Dynamic Silicon Valley Companies Seize Opportunities (and Avoid Flameouts).

Our report recounts responses to real-life challenges that show how strategic finance thinking in action can make the difference between struggling and thriving. The upshot: a business-savvy finance team that can see beyond the numbers and outside the cubicle is a fast-moving company’s BFF.

Some of the scenarios we get inside include:

A life sciences company with a promising drug nearing payoff (they think) is contending with a business IT system that makes day-to-day operations a frustrating slogfest. What’s the next move?

A hot social media start-up is taking off, but their young staff lacks the chops to keep pace—and they’ve sprung a cash leak. Can they plug it? Could they have prevented it?

A tech company with game-changing technology needs to scale fast to meet demand, but the capital well is drying up and a decent revenue stream is only a gleam in the CEO’s eye. How to stay afloat without missing the market?

Can you relate? Check out our report to see what happened. And you’ll learn about other strategic finance solutions in capital efficiency, business information systems, process optimization, and people and culture. We hope you enjoy it.