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RoseRyan Day 2 Launches to Help Newly Public Companies Conquer Post-IPO Chaos

A Silicon Valley consultancy’s new accounting & finance service
eases newly public companies
through the pivotal transition time that follows IPOs

Newark, Calif., September 30, 2014-Companies bulk up for their IPO offering, running their accounting and finance employees ragged, preparing for the big day: the day they go public. Then, after the bell rings, all the advisors go home and the finance team is left exhausted yet facing a mountain of demanding new regulations. The outcome? Many companies falter during this critical transition period.

This rocky road is what RoseRyan has observed among hundreds of newly public companies, as they struggle to meet increased reporting and compliance requirements. And that’s why today the Silicon Valley-based accounting and finance consulting firm is launching RoseRyan Day 2-a comprehensive service to help newly public companies master this pivotal time, as they confront new obligations, larger workloads and a broader, grander audience.

The new service helps ease the transition pain for companies from “going public” to “being public.” It’s a commonly underestimated phase for IPO companies, which typically have fewer resources in the accounting and finance department, according to experts like Lynn Turner, a former SEC chief accountant.

Says Kathy Ryan, who co-founded RoseRyan in 1993, “Too many companies mistakenly focus 100% of their effort on the IPO itself, with little time and energy spent preparing for how to be public after the bell rings. They cross the IPO finish line, thinking it’s the end, but, really, the race forward just keeps going.”

Explains Ryan, “Faltering here leads to a host of bad outcomes-with the market watching and punishing those who unfortunately lack the experience and expertise to get past the transition successfully. That’s where we make the difference. For decades, we have eased companies through this pivotal phase while drawing upon our auditing and industry-based experience and seasoned talent to get it right from the beginning.”

RoseRyan Day 2: Steering Your Newly Public Company to Success

RoseRyan Day 2 remedies 9 “hot button” areas that new public companies need to conquer. We do this by:

  • Improving the financial close process – Your newly accelerated time for closing the books may be skipping over vital areas and creating risks you’re not noticing. Ouch.
  • Bolstering the staff in number and expertise – We team up with you to assess staffing: Have you considered growth? Is your team scalable for the new bursts of work and tight reporting deadlines? Do your current personnel have the chops for the new compliance issues? We can augment expertise, as needed, mentor the team and help handle extra workloads.
  • Identifying and tackling SEC red flags – We provide best practices, staff mentoring, oversight and peer reviews to limit and prevent SEC comments, minimize auditor review, and help ensure consistent investor communications.
  • Helping the disclosure committee meet its potential – Our training and experience engages executive teams with their new roles to minimize SEC scrutiny while creating comfort around internal control certifications.
  • Getting your non-GAAP financials to measure up – Inadequate or inappropriate non-GAAP disclosures are still touchy subjects for the SEC. Our team ensures compliance with SEC Regulation G as well as consistent measuring and messaging across your filings and earnings reports while meeting investor expectations.
  • Elevating management reporting for the new class of investors – Our Day 2 service includes forecasting and planning and looks at ways to automate management reporting and anticipate change. The result? Management and investors get the right information.
  • Mastering the EPS forecast model – We know how to build a forecast model, understand what impact different assumptions have and what assumptions to consider. You get a weighted average share forecast to estimate EPS and then some.
  • Guiding the C-suite as it navigates new demands – Briefing sessions and roundtable discussions with executives prepare them for increased audit firm expectations and address increased risk and internal control needs. We help keep the team proactive, eliminating surprises, as the C-suite grapples with heightened responsibilities and changes.
  • Buttoning up the proxy – You need to understand and make educated decisions around your new reporting obligations and keep up with disclosure requirements. We’re well aware of all the regulatory bodies’ latest leanings, and we can easily catch you up on what you might need to know.

Says Kelley Wall, leader of RoseRyan’s Technical Accounting Group (TAG), “I believe the kind of value that we offer with RoseRyan Day 2 is unparalleled in our market. This new service draws upon RoseRyan’s deep experience in SEC compliance, SOX, FP&A and investor relations as well as our dream team’s experience working in both Big Four auditing firms and corporate accounting.”

She adds, “We bring operational savviness to the table while remaining practical and cost-effective. You won’t find a better resource for coaching your staff, either. Finally, and this is key, we’ll work ourselves out of the job—we promise.”

Learn more about RoseRyan Day 2:

  • Check out our intelligence report to examine how ready you are for the challenges of being a public company.
  • View the fact sheet about RoseRyan Day 2.
  • Read our blog about crucial post-IPO areas to conquer.
  • Contact Maureen Ryan to see how RoseRyan can help you at mryan AT or (510) 456-3056 x122.

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