When RoseRyan made the decision to initiate a company blog and asked for volunteers, I found my hand going up of its own volition. After all, I knew something about blogging—I had watched Julie and Julia. Twice. Then, in a panic, I immediately did some research on blogs so I wouldn’t look entirely clueless. Did you know that blog stands for web log? As part of my preparation, I read all kinds of blogs and found they ran the gamut of technical communications to online diaries. Some were great sources of information and some were just embarrassing.

So what’s the big deal with blogs, and why do we do them? I have found that they are a great way to provide information and to communicate with those who are like minded; it’s a way for us to voice our opinions to this interconnected world. In this day and age of social  media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn) we have to continue to move with the times or be left behind.

More important, I think that for you, the reader, blogs not only provide information, they also provide a view into the company, or person, writing them. They provide you with a look at our collective brain, our interests and values, and insight into what makes us, and our company, who we are. Looking at the posts of my colleagues, I am impressed by the breadth of technical content, the willingness to share our knowledge and the ability to provide straight forward analysis of the accounting issues facing companies today. We blog about the joys of flexible work hours, the ability to provide solutions to our clients, and the reasons we would rather be consultants.

Our Gurus Unaudited blog clearly reflects who we are, both as people and as a company: communicators, problem solvers, analyzers of technical issues, and  a team that is there for our clients. The big deal about blogging is staying current, finding another way to make a connection, to show you who we are, and to provide you with answers about issues and about us. I can’t begin to assess what you think about blogs, but raising my hand to volunteer has certainly opened a whole new set of doors for me.