A flurry of effective dates, interpretive guidance and new rules—companies are processing a lot of information coming their way from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Some of the changes have been in the works for ages (we’re talking about you, revenue recognition), and now there are overlapping implementation periods and many, many questions on the part of finance teams that need to put all these rules into place. Is your head spinning yet?

Finance professionals not only need to make sense of the rules, but they also want to know what their auditors think of them and how their peers are going to approach them. For the accounting change biggies—like the new leasing standard—some companies will need to revisit their internal processes and they’ll have some tough choices to make on how they’ll proceed (Should any contracts be changed? How much do investors need to know now about the potential effect on the company’s balance sheets?). The impacts will vary by company and can vary widely. Some companies are getting surprised by how much.

We’ve noted before that FASB has been in the process of clearing to-do items off its own agenda and dumping them onto finance teams’ plates, making this the time to get a handle on it all. That’s why we have developed a 90-minute webinar for senior finance executives called “Demystifying the latest accounting rulings—what finance leaders need to know” so they can get a grip on what’s happening and how to deal with it. This online event will break down the newly effective standards and proposals from FASB plus updates from the SEC and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board. Senior consultant Diana Gilbert, who leads our Technical Accounting Group, will guide you through it on Thursday, June 2, 10:00-11:30am PT. Read more about this webinar and register here: bit.ly/AcctgWebinar.

Get ahead of these changes. With looming, varied effective dates, you’ll need to prioritize and understand the impacts, all while keeping watch for more updates coming down the pike.