I recently left the corporate world after nine years. I loved my job as a controller, but my life had become my work. Working 16- to 18-hour days, plus weekends, practically nonstop, left very little room for time with my 15-year-old son and no time for me. I kept thinking things would ease up. Until one day I decided to stop waiting and do something about it.

I had barely started applying for other positions when I heard from Michelle Hickam, our wonderful recruiter at RoseRyan. After my first conversation with Michelle, I knew that I wanted to be with the RoseRyan family. Michelle talked about the sense of camaraderie at the firm, which was something I had yet to truly encounter in my career. Once she gave me the insight regarding the consultant life, I instantly started visualizing myself with RoseRyan.

Months later, I’ve only been here for a short amount of time, and I am so happy that I am with such a great company and great people. Here’s what I picked up about RoseRyan in just my first few weeks:

1. No politics to be found. With RoseRyan folks, newbies are supported as much as the veterans. Everyone I’ve encountered so far has made me feel welcome and part of the family. I was nervous meeting CEO Kathy Ryan for the first time, but she was very welcoming and made me instantly feel like this is where I belong. She gave me the impression that we are all in this together—our individual successes help us as well as our clients.

2. Siloes don’t exist. Over time, some companies build impenetrable walls between departments, leading to an attitude of every team for itself. That’s not an issue here. As consultants, we sometimes work separately, with different clients, but we’re all part of one big team. Everyone has been so helpful by letting me know I can reach out to any one of them if I have any questions or concerns.

3. Work/life balance is possible! I didn’t give “work/life balance” much thought until I joined RoseRyan. But around here, people talk about their activities outside of work. They’re all hard working but they make time for life too. My son and I can reserve Sundays for whatever we want to do—together. Vacations are no longer nonexistent or at risk of getting canceled at the last minute.

4. Morale is a positive one. Uplifting encouragements are a constant at RoseRyan. Other employees have introduced themselves and have offered me tips and assurances. I feel like they’re rooting for me.

5. We’re continuous learners. One of the things I love about RoseRyan is the emphasis on love of learning. RoseRyan offers training that enables consultants to advance their skills, keeping them marketable and competitive. RoseRyan makes sure that we all have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful.

I’m grateful for my time in the corporate world. It’s where I learned how to deal with tough situations, and where I refined methods for consolidating financials, budgeting and forecasting, managing cash and making currency conversions. But it was time to move on, to try new things, and learn something new. It was time to see what the consulting world had to offer me.

And, most importantly, it was time to reconnect with my son (time with a teenager ticks fast!). Working for RoseRyan has made me realize that I can still work very hard without having to sacrifice my family and the things I love to do.

Anna Cruz joined RoseRyan as a consultant in April 2016. She previously was a controller at Playphone, regional accounting manager at Culligan and an accounting manager at Pepsi Bottling Group.

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