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Newark, Calif., September 4, 2018—Twenty-five years ago today, Kathy Ryan and her colleague Sue Macias set up a new kind of consulting firm in Silicon Valley, offering a better way to bring top-notch finance and accounting expertise to companies.

Today, award-winning RoseRyan is an innovator in its field, taking companies further, faster with proven finance solutions and its team of nearly 100 members.

Says RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan, “We’re forward-focused and accelerating with the rapid pace of change, so this milestone provides the chance to exhale, celebrate, and recognize everyone who has been a part of this journey.”

25 Reasons to Celebrate 25 Years

  1. We’re growing in every way. By revenue, by headcount, by geography and new industry sectors, we continue to prosper. With plans to expand even more, our team numbers 96 strong in a super-tight talent market.
  2. We’re racking up the awards. During the last four years, for instance, we’ve been named a Top 100 workplace in the Bay Area. Find out why in this year’s press release.
  3. We’ve blown past the 800 client mark. Across the tech and life sciences sectors, and other industries, we’ve helped more than 800 clients in Silicon Valley and beyond get their financial house in order. Our diverse clients run the gamut from young, hot startups to midmarket enterprises and industry giants.
  4. We see into the future. We use the “business lifecycle” framework with our clients, as it breaks up a company’s journey into stages. We offer the right finance and accounting solution at just the right time, and have a sixth sense for what lies around the corner. What stage is your company at?
  5. We’ve got a dream team. Our savvy pros have a range of complex technical skills and invaluable soft skills, developed through their experiences at some of the hottest businesses in Silicon Valley, the Big 4, and Fortune 100 companies. Our clients rely on their expertise as well as their adaptability, dependability, and drive to get things done.
  6. Our clients rate us highly. We put our clients first, and love going above and beyond. The result? We rate 4.7 out of 5 stars in client satisfaction.
  7. We march to the same drummer. Our four values of being Trustworthy, pursuing Excellence, being an Advocate and being Team members (which together spell “TrEAT”) guide our decisions, large and small.
  8. We’re firmly in the PE market. We’ve recently expanded beyond our traditional tech and life sciences client base into the private equity (PE) market to manage the finances for PE portfolio companies and also help companies through complex transitions like major divestitures.
  9. We’ve entered the cannabis market. In the highly dynamic California cannabis sector, we’re among the first in our field to help professionalize cannabis companies’ finance operations. Our multi-layered Cannabis Solution calms the chaos and gets our clients on firm footing.
  10. We’re highly ranked. This year, we’re #19 among the largest Bay Area accounting firms, as ranked by number of client service professionals.
  11. We hang out together. While our work might be alone or in small teams at client offices, we meet up for activities like book club, kettlebell workouts, and candy making. Or you might find us competing in digital games and board games over lunch. Our camaraderie is for real.
  12. Our Technical Accounting Team (TAG) really shines. Our TAG team applies their expert chops to the latest and trickiest accounting issues that companies fling at us. Bring it on.
  13. We hire from near and far. Through a flurry of recent hires, we’ve added talent from eight states and Malaysia.
  14. We’re known for our career flexibility. We offer very flexible work arrangements, and our people can join full- or part-time, depending on their needs.
  15. We recognize great work. We’re big believers in continuous feedback and recognize excellence in our team. Our steady stream of “shout outs” to individuals and teams for living our values relays real appreciation.
  16. We think women in leadership matters. Did you know that three of our four top executives are women? You’ll find us ranked as one of the Bay Area’s largest women-owned companies, and we took first place nationwide in MOVE’s list of women and equity at leading accounting firms.
  17. We’ve got a bold, new look to tell our story. Last year we repositioned the firm, fine-tuning our finance solutions for the particular needs of fast-moving companies, and rebranded with a new look and logo.
  18. We give back. We tutor kids in reading, gather backpacks full of school supplies for kids and more.
  19. We’re hiring! During the last five years, we’ve grown by 33%, taking on new consultants interested in flexible careers in consulting in lieu of traditional corporate roles.
  20. We have a super-friendly culture. In rough and tumble Silicon Valley, it’s refreshing to have a place like ours that thrives on doing right by people. We’re growing in a hypercompetitive talent market due to our unique mix of challenging job assignments matched with our culture’s warm vibe. We communicate openly, celebrate frequently, and build lifelong relationships along the way.
  21. We’re strategic and aligned. We’re getting into new markets, working and hiring in new ways, and our strategy is crystal clear to everyone on our team. Thanks to this, our people work highly efficiently and know their work matters.
  22. We’ve got FINACA friends. Our CEO was in on the ground floor to help form the nationwide industry association called FINACA. Its 18 regional consulting firms share best practices and insights for mutual success.
  23. We have more than 25 finance solutions. Our tailored approach to finance and accounting gets the work done, taking companies further, faster. Because we’ve seen it all before, we help companies at every lifecycle stage get through tricky transactions and other situations with ease.
  24. We’re mastering the art of continual learning. Our people stay at the top of their craft with a flexible, robust learning and development program, which encompasses both technical and soft skills through live and online experiences.
  25. We’re a tech innovator. We’ve developed cloud-based, SaaS software to manage our business that integrates scheduling, timesheets, financial forecasts, profitability analysis, account management, job candidates, and more. Being spun off as a separate software company, Bizinta Inc. can manage an entire professional services business with one system.

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