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New RoseRyan company provides finance and accounting consulting to cannabis companies

Newark, Calif., March 5, 2019—Building off its wave of success in the cannabis industry, RoseRyan has launched a new company, Kukuza Associates LLC, that concentrates solely on the cannabis market.

The new company is a finance and accounting consulting firm that closely mirrors its parent, RoseRyan, and packs the full strength, depth and capabilities of it. Founded in 1993, RoseRyan—a highly reputable, Silicon Valley-based consultancy with more than 100 professionals—takes companies further, faster, by delivering finance and accounting solutions across the business lifecycle.

Explains RoseRyan CEO Kathy Ryan, “It’s exciting to launch Kukuza Associates, a finance and accounting consulting firm powered and backed by RoseRyan. It deepens our investment in the cannabis market and is geared specifically to this dynamic, rapidly evolving marketplace.”

Kukuza Associates Brings Focused Finance Solutions to Cannabis

Kukuza Associates works with startups and established companies in every segment of the cannabis market at every stage of the lifecycle. Its clients benefit from RoseRyan’s large dream team of finance experts as well as the firm’s best practices, wide array of finance solutions, and friendly, warm culture.

Says Dave Roberson, CEO of Kukuza, “Designed for this unique marketplace, Kukuza’s finance and cannabis accounting solutions are vital for businesses that are growing, vertically integrating and eyeing deals. Our experienced team steps in, brings order to the chaos and navigates cannabis companies ahead by putting a solid finance foundation in place.”

He notes that Kukuza’s cannabis solutions address strategic finance as well as day-to-day accounting, emphasizing that both are prerequisites for sustainable success. The company’s name is drawn from the Swahili word meaning potential and growth.

Leading the Way in Cannabis Accounting and Finance

According to a recent Accounting Today article, not many professional services firms in the accounting/finance space have stepped up to assist cannabis companies. Kukuza’s parent company, RoseRyan, which entered the cannabis market in 2014, was one of a few firms highlighted by the trade publication’s January 2019 cover story as leading the way.

Kukuza’s Cannabis Solutions

Based off of RoseRyan’s original offering for the cannabis industry, Kukuza sports a newly refined and expanded set of cannabis solutions. Kukuza flexibly delivers these six solutions at just the right time and level:

  • Assessment – Quickly diagnoses gaps in a company’s finance and accounting and uncovers underlying issues in other key operational areas.
  • Strategic Finance – Provides CFO and controller expertise to ready the company for investors, fundraise, plan and budget for intelligent growth. Forms the basis of the company’s strategic and operational plans and helps propel its value creation.
  • Outsourced Cannabis Accounting – Creates the overall framework for systems and processes for all of the company’s accounting and provides outsourced accounting professionals on an ongoing basis. Can also provide cost accounting, audit prep, and other resources and interim experts on a “plug and play” basis, to help the company manage its hypergrowth.
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis – Digs into the numbers to truly understand the business. Focuses on trends and insights within the business for informed decision-making and scenario planning based on various assumptions.
  • Internal Controls – Helps protect assets, mitigate fraud and other business risks by designing internal controls that matter and are based on the company’s size and situation. Can be leveraged to scale as the company ramps up with growth or strategic plans.
  • Transaction Support – Prepares the company and guides it through transformational moves like M&As, RTOs, IPOs, vertical integration, and expansion into new products and geographical locations.

Roberson warns that companies entertaining bold ideas without the basics in place and without meaningful financial information about their businesses are jeopardizing their futures and reputations. To avoid these problems, companies can benefit from an initial assessment and then progress ahead with confidence, under Kukuza’s guidance, when determining fundraising levels, capital uses, expansion plans and liquidity events.

Kukuza Leadership

Joining Roberson on the Kukuza’s leadership team are two executives who spearheaded RoseRyan’s initial entry into the cannabis market. For Kukuza Associates, as well as RoseRyan, Maureen Ryan serves as VP of business development while Chris Vane directs sales. Roberson also remains a vice president at RoseRyan.

Ryan was recently the feature of a National Cannabis Industry Association member Q&A and got the last word in the January Accounting Today article. Both Vane and Ryan have blogged about finance and accounting fundamentals for the cannabis industry and have appeared in a variety of trade media outlets.

About Kukuza Associates

Kukuza Associates LLC is a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm dedicated to helping cannabis businesses go further, faster with great finance that’s steeped in sound operations. As a RoseRyan company, we deliver strategic finance, outsourced accounting, financial reporting and analysis, internal controls and business transaction support. Grow like a weed with the right financial foundations in place with Kukuza. Learn more about our robust, flexible solutions at Follow us on Twitter @Kukuza_Assoc and on LinkedIn at

About RoseRyan

RoseRyan takes dynamic companies further, faster, by delivering specialized finance and accounting solutions at every stage of your company’s growth. Versed in Silicon Valley’s rapid pace and unique business environment, our consulting firm has helped more than 850 companies since 1993. Our focus is on tech, life sciences and private equity yet our experience and expertise allow us to consult in other industries; ecommerce, mobile, internet and social media among them. No matter what stage of the business lifecycle you’re at, the size of your business or the scale of your next endeavor, RoseRyan has the tailored finance solutions just when you need them to accelerate growth. Learn more at